Plants Solar Power with Complete Accessories

Plant Solar Power with Complete Accessories is your one-stop solution for all your solar power needs. We are a factory specializing in high-quality products.
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Pure Sine Wave Output
Intelligent Controller
Battery Type
Lead-Acid AGM
Solar System Technology
Soalr Ower System Upgrade
Easy Upgrade Solar Power System
Free Design
Solar Panel Power
Solar Panel Type
Polycrystalline Silicon PV Module
Working Time
Solar Power Generator Life Span
More Than 25years
Max. DC Input Voltage
Rated AC Output Power
System Capacity
Transport Package
Carton or Wood Boxes
HS Code
Production Capacity
50, 000 PCS/Year

Product Description

Plants Solar Power with Complete Accessories
Connecting Diagram
Plants Solar Power with Complete Accessories
Configuration List

Plants Solar Power with Complete Accessories
Item Certification Description Q'ty Warranty
Solar panel TUV / IEC / EC Mono or Poly 2 pcs 20 years
Inverter CGC / CQC / VDE One (MPPT) tracking/ 50/60Hz; 230Vac 1500W/ SM-SH1500W 1 set 5 years
Distribution box
CE Lighting Protection. Air switch,Fusegar, knifeswitch, 1 set 5 years
Mounting system CE Slant roof bracket/ Cement Ground bracket/ Soil ground bracket 1set 10 years
PV cable TUV/ UL DC port PV1-F 1*4mm² 20m 10 years
AC port YJV-3*6mm² 10m 10 years

Plants Solar Power with Complete Accessories
Solar Panel
Plants Solar Power with Complete Accessories
Power class 280W 335W 270W 320W
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 43 44 43 43.8
Short Circuit Voltage (Isc) 8.35 9.92 8.23 9.42
Max power Voltage (Vmp) 36 36 36 36.5
Max Power Current (Imp) 7.78 9.3 7.35 8.76
Efficiency ≥17.1% ≥17.2% ≥16.5% ≥16.4%
Dimension (mm) 1650x991x35 1960x991x35 1650x991x35 1960x991x35
Weight (kg) 18±5% 22.5±5% 18±5% 22.5±5%
Solar Inverter
Plants Solar Power with Complete Accessories
Ambient temperature range -25~+60ºC(>45ºC deloading)
Relative humidity 0~95%
Max operating altitude 4000m (>3000m derating)
Protection degree IP65
Topology Transformerless
Night power consumption (W) <1
Cooiong method Natural convection
Noise emision (dB) <25
Display LCD
Warranty (Year) 5/10/15/20/25 (Optional) Years
Solar Controller
Plants Solar Power with Complete Accessories
Rated Charge current(A) 40A
Rated DC voltage(V) 24/48 automatic identification
Solar input  Max voltage(V) 42/84
Battery Over charge protective voltage(V) 28.6/57.2
Battery Over charge recover voltage(V) 27.4/54.8
Battery Constant charge voltage(V) 27/54
Battery Over discharge alarm voltage(V) 20/40
Environment Humidity  and temperature 0-90%  No condense,55ºC
Protective Functions Protection against anti-charge at night,battery over charge, over discharge protection,Joint-reversed of solar modules
Solar Battery

Plants Solar Power with Complete Accessories
Nominal Voltage 12V
Nominal Capacity 100Ah(10hr,1.80V/cell,25ºC)
Approximate Weight 27.5 kg
Internal Resistance 5.5  mΩ(Lead terminal)
Terminal Lead wire(4.0mm²×1.8m)
Maximum Charge Current 25 A
Ambient Temperature -35~55 ºC
Dimension Length 329mm(±2 mm)
Width 172mm(±2 mm)
Container Height 214mm(±2 mm)
Total Height 236mm(±2 mm)
Case ABS
PV Combiner Box
Plants Solar Power with Complete Accessories
Components Parameter Function
Circuit breaker (Air switch) 40A When the current of the protected,circuit exceeds the specified value,the circuit breaker will automatically break off to protect the whole circuit.
Fusegear 40A When the current of the protected circuit exceeds the specified value,fusegear will break off automatically
Surge protective device (SPD) UC:420V lmax:20KA
In: 10KAUp1.8KV
Photovoltaic lightning protection device
One phase self dual over voltage protection device Working range 220V,50Hz,
over voltage protection
Under voltage protection
Uoe= 170±5V
When the circuit voltage is highet or lower, it will shut down automatically.when the voltage reaches standard level, it will recover automatically.
Knife switch / automatic/ by hand

Plants Solar Power with Complete Accessories
Tinned Fine Re Copper Strand, according to VDE0295/IEC60228. Class 5
Polyolefin Copolymer electron-beam coss-linked
Sheath Jacket
Polyolefin Copolymer electron-beam coss-linked
Nominal Voltage
Uo/U=600V/1000VAC, 1000V/1800VDC
Test  Voltage
6500V, 50Hz, 5Min
Temperature Rating
-40°C-125°C ,More than 25 Years  (TUV)
Fire Performance
IEC 60332-1
Smoke Emission
IEC61034, EN 50286-2
Low Fire Load
DIN 51 900
TUV 2PFG 1169/08 2007 PV1--F
Mounging System
Plants Solar Power with Complete Accessories

The wind capacity of such mounting system can reach (40m/s, 32.5kg/ square meters, level 13), snow load capacity can reach 70kg/ square eters

The whole system has strong safety performance.

Can be customized based on customer's cactual situation

The mounting system can be desingned with best solution based on slope roof, flat ground and soil ground

Plants Solar Power with Complete Accessories

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