Photovoltaic Power Station 5kw Solar System Power Plant

Get 5kw Solar System Power Plant from our Photovoltaic Power Station factory. We provide reliable and efficient solar solutions for all your energy needs.
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
on grid 5kw system
Home, Industrial, Commercial
Maximum Solar Power
Roof Type or Ground Type
Transport Package
Pallet+ Wooden Box
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100.00cm * 250.00cm * 100.00cm
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Product Description

Photovoltaic Power Station 5kw Solar System Power Plant
Product Description
 Principle of on-grid solar power generation

The solar photovoltaic power system connected to the public grid is called on-grid photovoltaic power generation system. The system structure includes solar battery arrays, DC/DC converters, DC/AC inverters, AC loads, transformers, and other components.


The grid-connected photovoltaic power generation system can convert the DC power output by the solar cell array into AC power with the same amplitude, frequency, and phase as the grid voltage, realizes the connection with the grid, and transmits electricity to the grid. The flexibility of this power generation system lies in the fact that when the sunshine is strong, the photovoltaic power generation system supplies the AC load with excess electric energy while feeding it into the grid; and when the sunshine is insufficient, that is, the solar cell array cannot provide enough electric energy for the load, It can also obtain electrical energy from the grid to supply power to the load.

Due to the high cost of solar systems, photovoltaic solar power generation was mostly only used in some dedicated independent operating systems, such as aerospace, border defense islands, or demonstration projects in remote areas.



The emergence of new photovoltaic materials and new technology, and the continuous decline of product prices, the continuous improvement of conversion efficiency, the introduction of advanced power electronic devices, microprocessors, and the application of advanced control strategies, all of which have led to the research and promotion of photovoltaic on-grid technology.



It is becoming every family every people can use solar systems possible day by day, and photovoltaic utilization is also gradually developing towards urban grid-connected photovoltaic power stations, residential photovoltaic building integration and low-power household photovoltaic grid-connected systems

Advantage of on-grid solar system  

When the photovoltaic power generation system is combined with the building, it usually adopts the form of grid-connected power generation. Compared with the independent photovoltaic power generation system, this type of system has the following five outstanding advantages as follow:



1. On rainy days or at night, the power grid is used to supply power to the load so that the solar system can not need to be equipped with an energy storage battery, which can not only reduce the cost of the system, but also eliminate the trouble of maintaining and replacing batteries, and increase the reliability of power supply;



2. The electric energy generated when there is sunshine can be supplied to the load in the building, and if there is excess, You can harvest power with accessories such as inverters and lifepo4 battery,Then  it can be fed back to the power grid; you also increase your income



3. In the grid-connected photovoltaic power generation system, it is not limited by the state of charge of the battery, and can access electricity to the grid at any time;



4. When designing the inclination angle of the solar plates array, the angle corresponding to the maximum amount of solar radiation that can be received throughout the year can be taken to maximize the power generation capacity of the solar battery array



5. In summer, the intensity of solar radiation is high, and the solar battery relatively more electricity. Summer is also the peak period of electricity consumption. The utilization rate of refrigeration equipment such as air conditioners is high, and the power consumption is large, playing a role in the power grid. The role of peak shaving.

Product Parameters



System requirement instruction   STIN-5KW on-grid photovoltaic system   
System configuration and offer    
Item   Part   Specification    Quantity    Remarks   
1 Solar panel   STIN-Poly 290W 18PCS connection method: 9pcs in string and 2 strings in parallel  
2 Inverter Growatt-5000MTL-S 1SET single phase output
3 Bracket  C-shaped steel 1SET hot-dip zinc
4 Connector  MC4 2pairs  
5 Wifi Module Monitoring Device 1PC  
6 AC cables 2*6mm² 20M  
7 PV cables(solar panel to inverter)  4mm² 100M  
8 AC distribution box with breaker and SPD 1SET  
Detailed Photos


Photovoltaic Power Station 5kw Solar System Power Plant
Projects and factory photos


Photovoltaic Power Station 5kw Solar System Power Plant


Photovoltaic Power Station 5kw Solar System Power Plant

Company Profile


Nowadays, the world is faced with instability of nuclear power generation and environment problem,which is necessary result from the development without considering next generation.Accordingly, STIN established and targeted on being a Total Solution Company which is based on clean sustainable solar energy.Including polysilicon, ingot, wafer, cell and modulewhich are the base of Solar industry,STIN is also dealing with PV Equipment, EPC and O&M. Beyond the Eastern Asia, STIN is making an effort for the whole world's green energy independence.Starting with the supply of high-quality raw material from the China which is the number one PV Market in the world, making a PV plant in Korea and providing 3KW residential solution to South-EastAsia, STIN will keep solving the global environment problem.

STIN knows the importance of green energy.

STIN endeavors for protecting the precious value.



1: What's your main products?
Solar panel mono and poly, solar battery gel and lithium-ion, solar system on grid and off grid, solar inverter on grid and off grid, solar charge controller MPPT and PWM.

2:What is your advantage in solar products?
We have been in solar industry for more than 10years and accumulated rich experience. With branch in Japan, Korea, Singapore and Cambodia, full support can be supplied from design to installation.

3: Can you send free samples?
It depends on which kind of products. Normally the sample fee will be returned after you place massive order.

4: What's the shipping cost?
After you confirm the quantity, please let us know which kind of transportation(by sea, by air, by DHL or Fedex or TNT or UPS) you prefer and the destination port. We will send you the shipping cost and time.

5: What's your minimum order quantity?

6: How can we send the payment?
T/T, L/C, Paypal, Western Union.

Photovoltaic Power Station 5kw Solar System Power Plant
Photovoltaic Power Station 5kw Solar System Power Plant
Photovoltaic Power Station 5kw Solar System Power Plant
Photovoltaic Power Station 5kw Solar System Power Plant
Photovoltaic Power Station 5kw Solar System Power Plant
Photovoltaic Power Station 5kw Solar System Power Plant

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