10kw Complete Power Plant in Europe

Our 10kw Complete Power Plant in Europe is ideal for factory use. As a reputable factory, we offer efficient and reliable power solutions for all your needs.
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Product Name
Solar Energy System
10kw Solar Energy System
Solar Energy System
Solar Panel
480 Watt
10 Kw Inverter
Mounting Bracket
Alminium Alloy Bracket
PV Cable
100 Meters
Environmental Prodection
Wooden Box
Free Design
After Sales
15 Years
Transport Package
Wooden Package
Jing Jiang City, Jiangsu Province, China
HS Code
Production Capacity
500000 PCS Each Year

Product Description

Product Description

10KW On Grid Solar Power System Home Use

10kw Complete Power Plant in Europe

10KW On Grid Solar Power System Components List
Item Model Description Quantity
1 Solar panel MONO 480W Solar Panel 21 pcs
4 On grid inverter On Grid Inverter 10KW  1 pc
7 DC Cable 4mm² PV cable 100m
8 Connector MC4; 30A/1000Vdc 16 pairs
9 Ground/Roof Mounting Aluminum/Galvanized steel; Customized 1 set
10 Tools Bag Solar Installation Tools 1 set

On Grid Solar System Details Note: Product dimensions and physical appearance in this data sheet are nominal.Alicosolar reserves the right to make the product changes from time to time,without prior notification, which may change the dimensions and/or physical appearance shown.

Advantages of solar energy system

1. Save more money with net metering
Your solar panels will often generate more electricity than what you are capable of confuming.
With net metering, homeowners can put this excess electricity onto the utility grid.
Instead of storing it themselves with batteries.

2. The utility grid is a virtual battery
The electric power grid is in many ways also a battery
Without the need for maintenance or replacements, and with much better efficiency rates.
In other words, more electricity goes to waste with conventional battery systems.
Product Parameters

Solar Panel

10kw Complete Power Plant in Europe
1. Solar cells : Multi high efficiency cell
2. Excellent low irradiance performance:Using low iron tempered glass with transmittance more than 97%, enhance the penetration of sunlight, excellent performance in low-light environment condition.
3. Work in sever environment:pass three performance and safety tests certified by TUV, safety for salt mist and ammonia corrosion.
Max.DC Input Power: 10KW
Max. DC Input Voltage:1100V
MPPT Voltage Range: 140-1000V
Rated Grid Voltage:  220/380V,  230/400V
Warranty: 5 Years (EU) 10 Years (US)
Wifi Stick For STD, Lan & GPRS Optional.
10kw Complete Power Plant in Europe
Mounting Bracket
10kw Complete Power Plant in Europe
PV Mounting System
Mounting Rail & Rail Splice Kit: AI6005 & SUS304 Bolt.
Mid & End Clamps: 35,40,45,50mm
L Foot Asphalt Shingle Moount & Hanger Bolt Optional
Cable Clip & Tie Optional
Ground Clip & Lugs Optional
PV cable
DC Cable & MC4 Connector
Cross Section: 4mm2, 6mm2 Optional
Rated Voltage:600VDC(UL)/1000VDC(TUV)
Rated Current: 55A,70A
Colors: Black For STD, Red Optional.
Lifetime:≤25 Years 
10kw Complete Power Plant in Europe
PV Tools
10kw Complete Power Plant in Europe
Wire Cable Cutter & Stripper,
MC3 MC4 Crimper 
MC4 Connectors Assembly 
Disassembly Tool

10kw solar system on grid home

Case Show

10kw Complete Power Plant in Europe10kw Complete Power Plant in Europe

Company Profile

10kw Complete Power Plant in Europe
Alicosolar, specialized in R&D. We are concentrated on on-grid system, off-grid system and integrated solar system.We have our own factory to product solar panel,solar battery,solar inverter etc.
Alicosolar has introduced advanced automatic production equipment from Germany,Italy and Japan.Our products are global and trusted by users. 
We can provide one-stop service for design, production, sales, and after-sales service. We are looking forward to cooperating with you sincerely.

Packaging & Shipping

10kw Complete Power Plant in Europe


1.What is the grid?
Basically anyone connected to a utility company is using the grid.
The grid is the network of power lines provided by your utility company that connects you to their power systems. Without the grid, your house or business wouldn't be able to get regular power. 
6Can I use solar as a back up when there's a power outage?
It can be. Even when using solar power, your house is still connected to the grid. When you generate more power than you use, the excess goes back through the grid, causing your meter to spin backwards. You can use this excess at a later time, or get money back from your utility company. 
In addition to that, you can use your solar panels to power a battery back up. This backup can provide you power during outages. 

2.Will my solar panels work without sunlight?
Your solar system can still draw power even on cloudy days. Depending on the level of cloudiness, your system can draw as much as 90% power or as little as 10%. At night, you won't be generating very much power at all. 
Learn more about how solar panels work here.

3.Can solar panels power my entire home?
Yes. This depends on how much roof space your home has, how much monthly power you use, and how much sunlight your house gets on a yearly basis. Most homes in the Midwest have enough roof space to provide energy for the whole house, oftentimes, you can generate excess power which can be sold back or saved for later use.
It's usually cheaper and more convenient to get a full-sized solar system if you have a southern-facing roof line, but there are more efficient (and yes, expensive) modules available if you need to produce more power from a limited amount of space. It may not always be cost effective to do so, but it's pretty cool to be completely energy independent. If you need more information how solar works, you can easily contact us and let's discuss things farther.

4. Will the panels break down over time?
Like any outdoor equipment, they do break down over time. On average, most solar panels will be still operate at around 80% efficiency after 25 years, so they have some staying power. 
Considering the payoff for your system is less than ten years on average, your solar system will give you several years of free and clear savings. 
With all of that said, replacement cost is significantly lower than a new solar panel installation.  The majority of the cost is in the design and original installation.  Learn more about the cost of solar panels here.

5.How do I maintain the solar panels?
You don't need to do very much. The biggest issues are simply dust, debris, leaves etc covering the panels and reducing the power generated. This is obviously a simple fix of keeping the panels cleared. 
10kw solar system on grid home

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10kw Complete Power Plant in Europe
10kw solar system on grid home
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